Thanks to Bay Area Toll Authority (BATA), a 1.1-mile Bay Trail section runs from the Point Richmond Historic District to the Stenmark Drive exit from I-580 where it intersects with the completed Richmond/San Rafael Bridge Trail and the planned Point Molate Trail. This two-way, multi-use trail begins at the intersection of Tewksbury Ave. & Castro St. and crosses under I-580 at Marine St. before continuing to Stenmark Drive.

The San Francisco Bay Trail Plan includes a 4.2-mile spur from the Richmond/San Rafael Bridge north along the shoreline through the City of Richmond’s 400+ acre Point Molate property and around the City’s former Terminal 4 at Point San Pablo to terminate at the Point San Pablo Harbor. This is the largest gap in the planned Bay Trail route through Richmond. Chevron has provided a Bay Trail easement to East Bay Regional Park District (EBRPD) over its lands between the RSR Bridge and Point Molate Beach Park and has committed to also provide one between the City’s Point Molate and Terminal 4 properties, as shown on the map.  


Richmond/San Rafael (RSR) Bridge Trail

BATA opened the 4.4-mile Richmond/San Rafael Bridge Trail on November 16, 2019 to provide a pedestrian and bicyclist connection between the East Bay and North Bay. This marks the sixth Bay Area bridge with the Bay Trail completed. It is a pilot project of up to four years. Performance will be monitored and assessed continually as hard data becomes available on the use of the path by bicyclists and pedestrians, and operational adjustments will be made as needed.
This two-way, multi-use trail is 10’-wide with a 42″-high concrete barrier separating it from motor vehicle traffic. The barrier is moveable by means of a barrier-transfer machine known as a “zipper truck”, which allows it to be repositioned as necessary to allow crews working for Caltrans to conduct bridge maintenance tasks during short closures of the bike/ped path.
East Bay bicyclists may reach the trailhead at the intersection of Castro St. and Tewksbury Ave. either by riding the Bay Trail from points as far away as Emeryville or from the Richmond BART station by taking 16th St. to the Richmond Greenway and riding the protected cycle track along Ohio Ave. to the Bay Trail. AC Transit Route 72M and Golden Gate Transit Route 40 buses stop at the Castro & Tewksbury trailhead with connections to BART and SMART, respectively. Golden Gate Transit Route 40 buses traverse the bridge with a stop at the Marin trailhead, offering the opportunity for one-way stroll westward across the bridge and returning by bus.
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Point Molate Trail

The Bay Trail Plan, City of Richmond General Plan and EBRPD’s Master Plan all call for completion of the Bay Trail on the San Pablo Peninsula north of I-580. EBRPD and the City have partnered to complete 2.5 miles of Bay Trail along the shoreline between the RSR Bridge Trail and the northern border of the City’s Point Molate property. This includes 1.1 miles of shoreline trail on the easement donated by Chevron plus 1.4 miles on the City’s Point Molate property. EBRPD has funded design plans now at the 65% preliminary stage, approved a Mitigated Negative Declaration under CEQA and applied for the major permits required.

Although the City and EBRPD have submitted grant applications, funds remain needed to build this $7.4 million, 2.5-mile section of trail. TRAC believes that Winehaven Legacy LLC (Suncal), which the City selected as developer of its Point Molate property, should cover the funding shortfall. This would provide Bay Trail pedestrian and bicyclist access from the East Bay via Point Richmond and the North Bay via the RSR Bridge Trail. This would increase visitation and enjoyment of the Point Molate shoreline while reducing motor vehicle traffic and alleviating the “significant and unavoidable” traffic impacts caused by the project.

The alignment of the Chevron easement between the City’s Point Molate and Point San Pablo properties is more complicated and still being worked out.

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