Northern Shoreline: Point Pinole To Wildcat Creek

The Northern Shoreline is a unique area.

Wildcat and San Pablo Creeks – the two largest creeks in Contra Costa County – flow under the Bay Trail within 0.6 miles of each other creating large scenic and biologically productive tidal marshes as they enter San Pablo Bay south of Point Pinole Regional Shoreline. Extending boldly into San Pablo Bay, 2,432-acre Point Pinole Regional Shoreline is the largest shoreline park in the entire Bay Area. 

As shown on the inset map, the spine Bay Trail has been completed from the hub at the intersection of Cutting and Garrard Blvds. in Point Richmond to the Wildcat Creek Regional Trail, Wildcat Marsh & Landfill Loop TrailsPoint Pinole Regional Shoreline and San Pablo Avenue via Atlas Road.

Wildcat Marsh & Landfill Loop Trails

Click Here to see a slide show of the April 30, 2011grand opening. festivities for the Landfill Loop of the San Francisco BayTrail providing public access to the shoreline of San Pablo Bay and the rich tidal wetlands at the mouths of San Pablo Creek and Wildcat Creek. In addition to the 2.8-mile Bay Trail loop, Republic Services has provided a one mile scenic trail on the upper slopes of the former landfill plus a 0.2 spur trail along Wildcat Creek’s tidal wetlands. Click Here to read about the Wildcat Marsh Trail. Read the article “Richmond’s Landfill Loop may the quirkiest hike on the San Francisco Bay Trail“.

Landfill Loop Trail – Photo by Doug Donaldson

Point Pinole Regional Shoreline

Extending more than a mile into San Pablo Bay, 2,432-acre Point Pinole is the largest shoreline park in the nine-county Bay Area. It offers 13.5 miles of trails, including 6.3 miles of Bay Trail. Most of these trails are on wide, unpaved roads repurposed from 80 years of explosives manufacturing history. There are three miles of wide, paved trail — the 1.5-mile Dotson Family Marsh Trail and a 1.5-mile route connecting the Giant Highway Staging Area with the broad, 1250-foot long fishing pier. There are three trailhead staging areas: Atlas Road, Giant Highway and Dotson Family Marsh at the end of Goodrick Avenue. Bicyclists may ride the Bay Trail from as far away as Emeryville and Yerba Buena Island to enter the park via the Dotson Family Marsh Staging Area. CLICK HERE for an informative article about the park and its history.

View of Point Pinole from Dotson Family Marsh

0.9 Miles of Gaps To Close.

Referring to the inset map, 0.9 miles of Bay Trail gaps remain on the northern shoreline as follows beginning in the south and working north:

  • Parkway/Wildcat Marsh Trail on south side of San Pablo Creek = 0.3
  • Parkway/Goodrick Ave. = 0.3
  • Atlas Road/Richmond border = 0.3
    • Total 0.9

The Bay Trail extends one mile north from Atlas Road and ends at a viewing area.

EBRPD is proceeding with plans to close a 0.9-mile gap and link with San Pablo Bay Regional Shoreline in Pinole, Hercules and Rodeo. EBRPD’s Board of Directors authorized expenditure of up to $308,000 for consultant services to prepare preliminary engineering plans and complete environmental studies with CEQA documents. Moreover, WCCTAC approved $500,000 toward the final design and engineering of this $8.5 million project. CLICK HERE for an update on the project.

View of Mt. Tamalpais from Dotson Family Marsh 

Avocets in Landfill Tidelands
Wildcat Marsh & Landfill Loop