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Point San Pablo

Bay Trail SpurBay Trail Spur

A Bay Trail spur is planned to run from Point Richmond through former Point Molate Naval Fuel Depot and around Point San Pablo to terminate at the Point San Pablo Yacht Harbor.

As shown on the map, land ownership is divided between the City of Richmond and Chevron with the exception of Caltrans’ I-580 corridor.

The major obstacle has been the lack of a Bay Trail connection between Point Richmond and Stenmark (formerly Western) Drive on the northern side of I-580.

BATA Projects

On Feb. 11, 2015, the Bay Area Toll Authority (BATA) Oversight Committee voted unanimously to authorize an agreement with Caltrans and $4.65 million for final design and regulatory approvals for the Richmond/San Rafael Bridge Access Improvement Project. This project includes completion in Fall of 2019 of a barrier-separated Point Molate Bay Trail section between Castro St. and Marine St. on the south side of the Castro St. exit ramp crossing under I-580 at Marine St. and continuing to Stenmark Drive on the northern side of the freeway. Click Here for more details.

Scofiled Bridge

RSR BridgeBATA also is providing a 10-foot wide, moveable barrier separated, bi-directional bicycle and pedestrian Bay Trail on the upper deck of the RSR Bridge to connect Contra Costa and Marin Counties. A construction contract has been awarded to extend the trail across the bridge and connect it with the Point Molate Bay Trail. Connections to existing Bay Trail segments in Marin County are proceeding as a separate contract. Scheduled for completion in mid-November 2019 after Caltrans completes a bridge truss repair project, the RSR bridge will join the Golden Gate, Carquinez Straits, Benicia & Dumbarton bridges, as well as the east span of the Bay Bridge, in providing Bay Trail pedestrian and bicyclist access. CLICK HERE for a fact sheet on both of these BATA projects.

Planned Trail across RSR BridgePoint Molate Trail

East Bay Regional Park District's (EBRPD) Master Plan calls for completion of the Bay Trail on the San Pablo Peninsula north of I-580. Referring to the map below, the planned route runs through a patchwork of lands owned by Chevron and the City of Richmond.  On April 16, 2014, EBRPD and Chevron announced execution of the easement over Chevron lands between I-580 and Pt. Molate Beach. Chevron also has committed to provide a trail easement between the City’s Point Molate and Point San Pablo properties.

On October 17, 2015, EBRPD's Board of Directors awarded a $740,000 contract to NCE of Richmond for design services, CEQA, permitting, and construction support for 2.5 miles of the San Francisco Bay Trail on the San Pablo Peninsula between the Stenmark Dive exit from I-580 and the northern terminus of the City of Richmond’s Point Molate property. As shown on the map, this includes 1.1 miles of shoreline trail on an easement donated by Chevron plus 1.4 miles on the City’s 411-acre Point Molate property. EBRPD has completed 65% preliminary design plans and approved a Mitigated Negative Declaration under CEQA. 

The City and the District now are working to secure the $6.5 million needed for construction. CLICK HERE to view a map and cost estimate.

The alignment of the easement between the City’s Point Molate and Point San Pablo properties is more complicated and is still being worked out.

Chevron Shoreline Trail Easement

Plans remain to be developed for the Bay Trail from the northern border of Point Molate property thru the City's derelict former Terminal 4 property at Point San Pablo to the Point San Pablo Yacht Harbor. This will require an easement over Chevron lands between former Termnal 4 and the yacht harbor.

Also see the Point San Pablo Peninsula / Point Molate website

Point San Pablo