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Trails for Richmond Action Committee
"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world.
Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."  - Margaret Mead

Meet the TRAC Steering Committee
TRAC Board
Left to Right: Andrew Butt, Nancy Strauch, Whitney Dotson, Bruce Beyaert, Bruce Brubaker
with daughter Hazel, Jerry Rasmussen, Donald Bastin and Kim Hampton with son Henry.
Photo by © Dale F. Mead, El Cerrito

Claudia GarciaTRAC, the Trails for Richmond Action Committee was formed July 1999 with its Mission to:
1. Complete the San Francisco Bay Trail in Richmond, assuring that it is linked to public parks and population centers and maintained in perpetuity and
2. Promote use and enjoyment of the Bay Trail by all who live and work in Richmond and as a visitor attraction to showcase the City of Richmond’s shoreline.

When TRAC was founded, Richmond had only 12 miles of San Francisco Bay Trail fragments. This has burgeoned to over 34 miles in 18 years thanks primarily to the City of Richmond and East Bay Regional Park District with strong support from the Association of Bay Area Governments (ABAG) Bay Trail Project, the Bay Conservation and Development Commission (BCDC) and the California Coastal Conservancy. 

TRAC has acquired $7.2 million in grant funds used by the City of Richmond to close gaps in the Bay Trail! Stimulated by TRAC’s Interpretive Subcommittee, over 50 new interpretive and way finding exhibits have mushroomed to enrich the Bay Trail experience.

TRAC is working with the City of Richmond, East Bay Regional Park District and the private sector to close the 8 miles of gaps remaining in Richmond’s planned Bay Trail. The Richmond Bay Trail Network of supporters is kept informed about Bay Trail events and progress and occasionally asked for emails to support completing the Bay Trail in Richmond. There is no cost to join the Richmond Bay Trail Network - just email us!


TRAC has received many awards for working with diverse partners to expedite completion of the Bay Trail in Richmond, e.g. the Clearwater Award by the Waterfront Center in Washington, D.C., the Metropolitan Transportation Commission’s Public Services Award, City of Richmond Community Services and Historic Preservation awards, the Association of Bay Area Governments Award For Service to Local Government and Dedication to the San Francisco Bay Trail and the American Lung Association Clean Air Award. 

Under the leadership of TRAC Chair Bruce Beyaert (center, holding sign), the organization has added 22 miles to the Bay Trail along the Richmond Shoreline, creating the single-longest segment in the regional path. Shown with Beyaert are TRAC board members (top row, left to right) Kim Hampton and Andrew Butt; and (front row, left to right) TRAC Vice Chair Bruce Brubaker, Interpretive Subcommittee Chair Donald Bastin, and board members Jerry Rasmussen, Whitney Dotson and Nancy Strauch.

TRAC Chair Bruce Beyaert is a Director of the San Francisco Bay Trail Project, as well as a member of Richmond’s Point Molate Community Advisory Committee and the Advisory Committee to the San Francisco Bay Restoration Authority. He served served nine years as a Director of Save the Bay, 16 years on the Advisory Committee to EBRPD’s Board of Directors and was Chevron’s Manager of Environmental Planning worldwide. He received the Bob Walker Bay Area Open Space Award from the Bay Area Open Space Council and the Bay Area 2010 Cox Conserves Hero award from Trust for Public Land.
TRAC Vice Chair Bruce Brubaker
s an architect experienced in project i planning with PlaceWorks, an urban design and environmental planning firm in Berkeley. He serves on the Advisory Committee to EBRPD’s Board of Directors and is Vice Chair of Richmond’s Point Molate Community Advisory Committee.
Donald Bastin, who chairs TRAC’s Interpretive Subcommittee, authored the Richmond book in the Images of America series and is on the Board of Directors of Contra Costa County Historical Society. He also served as Director of the Richmond Museum of History.
Andrew Butt is a licensed architect and principal at Interactive Resources, a Richmond-based design firm specializing in public sector work with an emphasis on sustainable, and environmentally-sensitive design. He has served on a number of local non-profit boards, and currently serves as Planning Commissioner for the City of Richmond, board of directors of the Richmond Chamber of Commerce, board of directors of the Early Childhood Development Program, Vice-president of the Point Richmond Business Association and Co-Chair of the Point Richmond Music committee, which he co-founded 13 years ago
Whitney Dotson was elected to the Board of Directors of East Bay Regional Park District and serves as Chairman of the North Richmond Shoreline Open Space Alliance. He is a public health professional who is a passionate believer in public access to the shoreline for recreational and health benefits.
Claudia Garciais an Associate with PlaceWorks, an urban design and environmental planning firm in Berkeley and serves as Planning Commissioner for the City of Richmond. Her background is in plant ecology and physical anthropology. She has volunteer experience leading interpretive hikes for Orange County Parks.
Nancy Strauch, who was BCDC’s Chief of Permits and President of Save The Bay’s Board of Directors, brings real estate and property management skills to Bay Trail projects.
TRAC Board