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  “Helping You Help Yourself”


Development Board:
Martha Bielawski
Mary Lee Cole
Margaret Morkowski
Linda Newton
Chris Spencer

Advisory Board:

Nancy Allen Burns,
Body Wisdom Studio

Mildred Dornan,
PR History Assoc.

Sgt. David Harris,
Richmond PD

Robert Lane, Esq.

Jeff Lee,
Planning Commission

Marsha Tomassi,
PR Business Assoc.

Fr. David O’Rourke,
Our Lady of Mercy

Contact Information:
P.O. Box 70164,
Point Richmond 94807
Phone: (510) 595-5566


Village Forum
September 25
October 23
November 20

For information, call us at (510) 595-5566  or email us.


Living Room Chats

We will be holding monthly Living Room Chats in different homes in neighborhoods for the purpose of informing everyone about Point Richmond Village. They will be held at various times and will be for one hour, but guests are invited to come early to sign in and have refreshments.

If you are interested in hosting a Living Room Chat or being invited to one, please call us at (510) 595-5566 
or email us..


To:   All Point Richmond Village Supporters, Volunteers, and Interested Parties

From:   The Point Richmond Village Development Board

For Your Information

Point Richmond Village (PRV) will be on hiatus.  However, the board realized that PRV's mission of making it easier for seniors to stay in Point Richmond while meeting the challenges of aging is similar to that of the Sunshine Committee of the  Women's Westside Improvement Club (WWIC).  So, for the time being, PRV members who are also members of WWIC will join the Sunshine Committee.  The Sunshine Committee will be visiting stay-at-home WWIC members and dropping off desserts after WWIC meetings.  Hand-knitted lap robes and shawls will continue to be presented to long-time members.

Future Plans

  • Our expanded Sunshine Committee will solicit suggestions from the WWIC membership.  We will plan WWIC field trips and social programs that will be open to all people on the PRV database.
  • PRV funds will be maintained by the WWIC treasurer in a manner that is consistent with other earmarked funds.
  • At any time when there is a body of committed individuals who wish to develop Point Richmond Village or join with a nearby Village, the PRV may sever ties with the Sunshine Committee in order to support a Village.
  • Various other ideas are incubating at present. Stay tuned for more information.
Website Needed
           In the meantime, PRV has paid for domain names for a website.  We are actively seeking volunteers with the skills for developing and maintaining it.  Please communicate via email to www.prvinfo@gmail.com.
Bay Area Village
          The Bay Area is experiencing a lot of Village activity.  San Francisco has one operating Village and one in the planning stages.  Marin County is developing a countywide Village administration, and will soon launch Sausalito Village.  Oakland also has a developing Village.  Palo Alto has an operating Village called Avenidas Village, and Alameda has one called Avalon Village.  Closest to home is Ashby Village in Berkeley; it is nearing its launching.  For information on Ashby Village go to www.ashbyvillage.org.
Village Movement
          For more information on the Village movement, go to the following websites for starters:  www.beaconhillvillage.org and www.capitolhillvillage.org.

What is a Village?

Point Richmond VillageThe “Village” concept began in Boston about a decade ago with the Beacon Hill Village idea (www.beaconhillvillage.org), and has spread to many cities in the United States and one abroad. Villages are nonprofit organizations devoted to linking older residents to neighborhood social/cultural activities, health-related support, and reliable home-maintenance services with the purpose of helping them to remain in their homes. They are organized so that members only need to make one phone call to receive these services.

Volunteers of all ages provide a large proportion of the services and activities under the direction of a paid administrator. The Village’s nonprofit board of directors is comprised of local residents, and its operating budget comes from donations and membership dues.

Why start Point Richmond Village ("The Village")?

Ask around and you will find that most of our neighbors want to remain in their homes as they grow older. Our Village, primarily through volunteers, will enable Point Richmond residents to retain their independence by providing help as needs arise regardless of age. PRV is a multi-generational grassroots organization started by community members for the purpose of supporting all our residents. Our Village encourages and has held social/cultural events to promote enjoyment and connectedness in our community. Look for future events on this web page.

Point Richmond VillageAs money for services is cut, the need for informal networking will increase. One of the strong points of Point Richmond is our informal networks in neighborhoods and between friends. While there are many agencies that assist seniors in particular, there are often huge gaps in service. Para-transit is just one case in point.  PRV was formed to be a more formal way to fill those gaps and keep our neighbors at home in the community we love.

Moving Forward:
We are in the infancy stages, but day by day we grow.

At the heart of PRV is volunteering. It is a volunteer-first organization. You are invited to become a PRV volunteer to enjoy the rewards of working with others and bringing this pioneering community service to Point Richmond. Volunteers receive support from a member on our Development Board.

Join us and participate in shaping a Village that will suit you! Before we can launch in 2010, here are a few general ways you can volunteer.

  • Spread the word.
  • Provide administrative support.
  • Raise funds.
  • Inform us about service providers you have used and like.
  • Suggest a different way of helping.
    We value your creativity, skills and knowledge.

Sept. 25, 7:30 PM The Flu is Coming!– Harvey Kayman, M.D. and MPH, Public Health Medical Officer for the California Dept. Of Public Health

Flu season is fast approaching. This year it comes with the added risk of the much publicized H!N! (swine flu) virus. Find out what you need to know and what you need to do. Who is at risk? Will there be a vaccine? Do you need it? Can you get it? Learn how you and your family can prepare yourselves.

A Point Richmond resident, Dr Kayman is Acting Sections Chief, Bioterrorism and Planning Section, Immunization Branch.

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PRV Development Board, P.O. Box 70164, Point Richmond, CA 94807 • (510) 595-5566 prvinfo@gmail.com