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Reopening Point Molate Beach Park

Point Molate Beach Park was rejuvenated and reopened on October 14, 2013 as authorized by City Council based on a February staff report.  You may click the email button below to send an email of appreciation and support to the City Council with ccs to key City management.

Point Molate Beach Park Reopened

Point Molate Beach Park

Be sure to paste in message below with your personal edits plus your name and address!

SUGGESTED MESSAGE to elaborate with your personal perspectives:

Subject: Point Molate Beach Park

Dear Mayor McLaughlin and City Council Members,

Thank you very much for the reopening of Point Molate Beach Park.  We are delighted to be able to enjoy this gem of a beach park with its spectacular vistas looking at Red Rock and Mount Tamalpais rising behind the Richmond/San Rafael Bridge.

Name & Address

NOTE: If the email button above does not work properly, just send your message to pointsanpablo@earthlink.net
and we'll gladly forward it. Thank you!

Contact Information for Richmond, California's Elected Officials
Name Address Phone

Gayle McLaughlin, Mayor

P.O. Box 5284
Richmond, CA 94805

237-1256 (H/W)
237-1456 (Fax)

Thomas K. Butt, Councilmember

235 East Scenic Avenue
Richmond, CA 94801

236-7435 (W)
237-2084 (H)

Jael Myrick

Jovanka Beckles, Councilmember Jovanka@JovankaBeckles.org P.O. Box 5299
Richmond, CA 94805
Corky Boozé, Councilmember
PO Box 184, Station A Richmond, CA 94808 234-3307
501-0480 (C)

Jim Rogers, Councilmember

162 Lakeshore Court
Richmond, CA 94804

867-5725 (Ofc)
444-4460 (Fax)

Nathaniel Bates, Councilmember

300 Seaview Drive
Richmond, CA 94801

620-6743 (Ofc)
620-6542 (Fax)

Council Meetings
Tuesdays, 7:00 p.m., Council Chambers, 3rd Floor, City Hall. Televised on KCRT,  Channel 28
Individual Email Addresses of City Staff
City Staff
City Manager Bill Lindsay: bill_lindsay@ci.richmond.ca.us
Planning Director Richard Mitchell: richard_mitchell@ci.richmond.ca.us
Point Molate Project Manager Craig Murray: Craig_Murray@ci.richmond.ca.us
City Staff Parks and Landscaping Superintendent Chris Chamberlain:Chris_Chamberlain@ci.richmond.ca.us
Public Works Director Yader Bermudez: Yader_Bermudez@ci.richmond.ca.us
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