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Point Pinole To Wildcat Creek
Also see the website of North Richmond Shoreline Open Space Alliance

Northern Shoreline

The Northern Shoreline is a unique area.

Point Pinole - Northern Shoreline• Wildcat and San Pablo Creeks - the two largest creeks in Contra Costa County - flow under the Bay Trail within 0.6 miles of each other creating large scenic and biologically productive tidal marshes as they enter San Pablo Bay south of 2315-acre Point Pinole Regional Shoreline. 
Extending boldly into San Pablo Bay, Point Pinole Regional Shoreline is the largest shoreline park in the entire Bay Area. 

The City of Richmond has completed a Class I (off road) Bay Trail parallel to the Richmond Parkway from Cutting Blvd. near Point Richmond to Goodrick Ave. south of Point Pinole.  This provides access to the Wildcat Creek Regional Trail connecting with the Wildcat Marsh & Landfill Loop Trails.

Click Here to see a slide show of the April 30, 2011 grand opening. festivities for the Landfill Loop of the San Francisco Bay Trail providing public access to the shoreline of San Pablo Bay and the rich tidal wetlands at the mouths of San Pablo Creek and Wildcat Creek.  In addition to the 2.8-mile Bay Trail loop, Republic Services has provided a one mile scenic trail on the upper slopes of the former landfill plus a 0.2 spur trail along Wildcat Creek’s tidal wetlands. Click Here to read about the Wildcat Marsh Trail.

Four Miles of Gaps To Close.

Landfill Loop TrailFour miles of Bay Trail gaps remain on the north shoreline as follows referring to the inset map beginning in the south and working north:

  • Parkway/Wildcat Marsh Trail 0.3
  • Parkway/Goodrick Ave. 0.3
  • Goodrick Ave. 0.4
  • Goodrick Ave./Bay View Trail 1.5
  • Atlas Rd./Cook’s Point Trail 0.23
  • Atlas Rd./Richmond border 1.3
  • Subtotal 4.03
East Bay Regional Park District (EBRPD) is working to complete Bay Trail connections with Point Pinole Regional Shoreline as follows:

• Goodrick Ave. to Bay View Trail: EBRPD has completed construction of public access improvements on the southern end of the Breuner (renamed Dotson Family) Marsh Restoration and Public Access Project.

This includes the Dotson Family Marsh staging area with restrooms and motor vehicle parking accessible from the northern end of Goodrick Ave.

Construction is underway to complete 1.5 miles of Bay Trail by March 2017 leading north from the staging area over Rheem Creek to the Bay View Trail in Point Pinole Regional Shoreline (PPRS). CLICK HERE for more details.

Complementing EBRPD’s Bay Trail project, the City of Richmond has completed the final design for a 0.3-mile Class I Bay Trail section east of Goodrick Ave. to connect the Dotson Family Marsh staging area with the Class I Bay Trail along the Richmond Parkway. The Bay Trail Project awarded the City a grant of $130,000 toward construction. The City and TRAC are working to obtain the additional funding needed to complete this $1.106 million project.

• Atlas Road Entry to Cook’s Point Trail: EBRPD began construction of the Atlas Road Extension Improvement Project in 2016 to create a second PPRS entrance via a bridge over UP railroad tracks. The project includes a two-lane road entering PPRS and 0.23 miles of Bay Trail connecting the Atlas Road Bay Trail section with Cook’s Point Trail, as well as a parking area, restrooms and picnic areas. The project should be completed by early 2017. See the Atlas Road site plan >>

Complementing this EBRPD project, LDK Ventures has agreed to construct 0.5 miles of Bay Trail leading north from Atlas Road toward Pinole before occupancy of a new 700,000 sq. ft. industrial building they plan to build along Atlas Road.
Avocets in Landfill Tidelands Wildcat Marsh & Landfill Loop
Avocets in Landfill Tidelands Wildcat Marsh & Landfill Loop
North Richmond Shoreline